Working in house as Creative Director at Mod Op along with TJ McCormick, we helped launch NBCUniversal's $75M subscription VoD comedy platform, Seeso.  We started from strategy to identity all the way through to product design and marketing. Sadly, with the streaming wars reaching their peak, Seeso had an untimely demise. And was critically laughed at— but in all the good ways. 
brand strategy & identity

We positioned Seeso as that funny friend who's always got the perfect reco, from obscure comedy classics to weird up-and-coming comedy acts. The brand look and feel was intentionally unpolished, much like browsing records in a funky vintage shop.

product design

We oversaw the brand identity implementation with the product design, including UX/UI for all streaming platforms: responsive web, iOS, Android, Windows, Roku, PlayStation, XBOX, and AppleTV.

keyart & ooh

We developed the branded keyart guidelines and design templates for promoting Seeso original shows, in addition to OOH subway and street campaigns.

digital marketing

We delivered a programmatic banner blitz to drive subscriptions, as well as a graphic toolkit for animations, and templates for all digital marketing channels.
Agency of Record: Mod Op
ECD: TJ McCormick

Creative Director​​​​​​​
Developed strategy, identity and content
Oversaw design across all products & channels
Executed digital, social, print & OOH marketing

other projects

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