I worked on three consecutive NBCUniversal media upfronts, starting in 2014 at Leroy & Clarkson, when for the first time ever, all NBCU networks came together for a unified upfront campaign:  'All Together. Different.'  We evolved the story in 2015, highlighting the massive tech and data power of the consolidated network's media portfolio. And in 2016, at Mod Op, I helped conceptualize the next chapter, conveying NBCUniversal's unparalleled reach with a new tagline, 'Reach Redefined.'

2015 upfront

With only six weeks from start-to-finish, the Leroy & Clarkson team delivered the biggest upfront of the year. The message was simple:  Big data. Unprecedented in its precision and power. We embraced NBCUniversal's cutting edge ad tech in the biggest way possible, with a 180-degree, 13 screen immersive video projection at the Javitz Center, featuring over 30 minutes of video and animation, network sizzle videos, and the biggest stars in television.

2015 Upfront Event Montage

2015 Upfront experiential video projection

2016 upfront

In 2016, I helped write and conceptualize a new phase of NBCUniversal's upfront story, highlighting just one astonishing fact: NBCU reaches an unrivaled 93% of US adults every month. While other networks claim they reach audiences, only NBCU has the power to truly "redefine reach".  That idea grew into their new tagline as well as a gorgeous campaign, which was led and creative directed by Rachel Yoo at Mod Op.

2014 upfront

When NBCUniversal first consolidated its networks under a single upfront, they entrusted Leroy & Clarkson to produce the entire campaign and live upfront event, direct a mondo shoot with over 70 stars, and develop a new tagline and identity. With an intrepid team led by Julian Bevan and Daniel Fries, we came up with the tagline: "All Together. Different."  This idea conveyed both the consolidated ad portfolio, as well as the fact that it was a groundbreaking new way of targeting audiences across media properties.

Early concept and design sketches

Agencies: Leroy & Clarkson (2014-2015), Mod Op (2016)
L&C creative team: Julian Bevan, Daniel Fries, Rachel Yoo
Mod Op creative team: TJ McCormick, Rachel Yoo

Designers, animators, editors, compositors: too many to name here...
but over three consecutive years, they were some of the finest people I've ever worked with

Creative Director
Brand strategy, positioning & messaging
Brand identity & tagline development
Art direction for mondo shoot
Design direction for digital, print, OOH
Immersive video installations for live upfront events

other projects

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